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Have I missed something on LinkedIn?

I seem to be getting invites to connect on LinkedIn lately from people I don’t know.  The invites say “Since you are a person I trust….”.

Now just wait a minute – you may trust me but this isn’t about you! You want to connect with me so how do I know I can trust you? 

I’m not somebody that subscribes to the LinkedIn Open Networking (LION) philosophy so when I connect to people I generally want to have had some sort of relationship with them first, whether that is a relationship in the real world or a business relationship. 

One of these invites even came from a senior person within the PR Industry.  I would have expected something more from him – maybe a personalised message stating why he would like to connect with me and why he thinks I would benefit from connecting with him.

What do you think?  Do you subscribe to the open networking philosophy? Am I wrong to get up tight about this impersonal invitation to connect?


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