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Does it matter if your targeting is poor?

I am always receiving emails from people trying to sell me job related goods and services.  I receive these at my work email and also on my personal email.  I’m not surprised I get them, my email addresses are out there and can be found.  What I am surprised about is the subject matter.

I am always receiving very poorly targeted emails.  As a marketeer I always wonder what goes through these people’s heads when they are sending a Marketing Manager an email asking me to try out the latest version of SAGE accounting software, or if I want to negotiate a contract for utilities supply.  I’m in marketing for goodness sake why on earth would this interest me.

When I received the previously mentioned one about accounting software it got me to thinking.  How much does this poor targeting cost them and does it damage their reputation?

They have probably brought a list from somewhere. If this list has my name on it then it is highly likely there are other names on it that are not relevant.  I wonder what percentage of the names they purchased are even remotely relevant.  Then they have to send an email out to those people.  Many email marketing service providers charge per email sent.  This means not only are they buying names that are not relevant they are also paying to send an email to that person.

Now we can talk about damaged reputation.  Does it now matter that I am hacked off with these companies? If their targeting is totally wrong then I will never be in the market for their products and services so should they care?  What about if if it is a utility company and I am in the market for utilities at home? Will I be likely to remember them and avoid them? Truthfully – probably not.

As I type this I am trying to analyse my reaction and wonder why these emails annoy me.  I think it just because it is poor marketing.  I am passionate about my subject area and want to see it done well.  When I see emails like this it just reminds that nowadays everybody thinks they are a marketeer and they think it is easy to get results.  Well I have news for them. Results take careful research, careful planning and careful implementation.


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Marcoms – Nature or Nurture

My father is in his late 70’s. He is dyslexic and consequently didn’t do well at school.  The majority of his working life was spent in sales roles.  After a short spell of national service he became an estate agent, he spent time running a coffee shop and then went to work at Woolworths.  He worked his way up from stock room boy at a store in Bognor Regis to store manager at a large store in east London. He then spent time selling double glazing, insurance and kitchens.

He has never really retired. Him and my mother help run a community gym in the small town where they live in the north of England. One of my fathers roles – along with gardening, is to apply for grants for new equipment. He has been very successful at this, he writes a powerful and well thought out application and has managed to generate a lot of funding.  He also manages to get his picture in the paper on a regular basis alongside an article promoting the gym.

He manages to do this despite never had any marketing or PR training, he knows instinctively what to do.

My background is in engineering.  I am a qualified mechanical engineer who held several engineering roles before moving in to sales.  After spending time in sales I moved to work in a pr agency and never looked back as they say.

I often hear it said that you cannot get an engineer to write in proper marketing communications language as they always  want to write about the technical specs. Well I think I manage it. I have had formal marketing and PR training, but that was after joining the agency. I was writing press releases and articles before that. I have also worked with people who have had formal marketing communications training and still cannot seem to get an idea down on paper, in a way that can be easily understood.  Maybe I just inherited some good genes.

So this brings me to my original question. Marketing communications – is it nature or is it nurture?  Is it something that exists in people or can it be trained in? Are there some people who can just do it and some who will never be able to do it?

What do you think?


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Doing something different gets you noticed

20140722-202725-73645179.jpgI flew with Thomsons today for the first time. I fly a lot in my job, mostly short flights to other European cities, as a result I get to see lots of safety videos and safety demonstrations. Normally I doze off through these, I certainly don’t give them my full attention. Today’s video was different. I listened all the way through to everything that was said. The reason…. They had children playing the part of the stewardesses. The message was exactly the same but it was delivered differently, and that made it interesting. There is an excellent lesson to us all. If you want to deliver a message and you want to make it stand out, deliver it differently.

Have you seen any other examples of where a standard message has been delivered in a different way to make it stand out. Maybe you have done this in your line of work.


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