Can a B2B marketeer turn his hand to B2C and vice versa

I would argue ‘yes’… And it will become easier and easier as these two worlds collide.  

I do not try to hide the fact that my career to date has been firmly rooted in the B2B camp so I may be showing a certain level of bias. This may be true but it does not alter the fact that my colleagues and I are borrowing more and more tools, techniques and strategies from the B2C world.

And why shouldn’t we, our behaviours as consumers and purchasers does not change as much as we might think during that journey that we take between our homes and places of work.

I am working at the moment as part of a team developing a new B2B global website. As inspiration for a lot of what we are doing we have been looking at global B2C websites to see what sort of experience they provide to the user.  We are also looking at the way we write marketing collateral, blog posts and web copy and we can see it is changing and moving closer to a consumer style.

The basic principles of marketing communications remain the same regardless of whether you are dealing with people working in a business or directly with the consumer.  You need to understand who your customers are, what motivates and drives them, how they are likely to behave and how they may choose to interact with you. That’s it. Once you know those things then you can decide what communication strategies you need.

What do you think is our industry too ready to pigeonhole somebody as either a B2B or a B2C marketeer? Have you made the switch? Did you find it easy or hard?

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