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Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

Text messageYou can put a lot of effort into promoting a service but if the reality does not live up to the promise you can do far more harm than good.

I have been having problems with my broadband at home so I rang the supplier.  We went through lots of tests as you do and the fault was pronounced as “fixed”.  We will send you a text message they said and if then problem is not fixed just text us and we will call you.  You will not have to call us and wait in a queue.

The text duly arrived and I was telling everybody what a wonderful service this was and recommending this particular supplier.

Now the problem was not fixed so I did send them a text.  I sent it on a Saturday morning, but that was fine because the original text said that they check their messages every day between 8 AM and 9 PM.

Imagine my surprise when I got a message in return saying the office was closed and they were only open between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Mon to Friday. So immediately I spotted a big disconnect between the promise and reality. Needless to say my enthusiasm for the service has started to wane.

I expected a call when they returned to the office on Monday but this never came. I did in fact give them to the Friday to reply but I was waiting in vain.  I texted again on the Friday morning and got a text in reply saying somebody would be in touch soon.  I waited till then end of the day and texted again.

I never did get a reply.

I gave up on the text service and called again.  They made some changes and said “I will call you personally in 3 days to make sure the problem has been fixed”.  Guess what – no call and not fixed.

I called again today and they have made some more changes.  I was told they would send me a text message and I could just reply to the text if the problem persisted.  Needless to say I told them not to bother as the service was a waste of time. I relayed my concerns and was categorically told that the text messages were checked every day of the week.

I’ve a good mind to text them on Saturday to see if I get a response.

I have gone from being an advocate of this provider to being somebody who if asked would recommend against using them.

I would probably not feel quite as bad about this if they had never made me that promise in the first place.  Alright… my problem still would not be fixed but my expectations would not have been raised.

Just be sure that if you introduce a service that it works, that it has been thoroughly tested and that there are no disconnects between what you tell the customer and what actually happens.  If you don’t you can end up worse off than if you had not introduced the service in the first place.






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